Age: ~13 and up (With instructor and director permission) | Time: 1 hour

Lyrical is a fusion of ballet, jazz and modern dance. As in the name, this genre focuses on the lyrics of a song to compliment movement. It is less structured than ballet and focuses on the fluidity of movements and new techniques. This is a production class, which means a variety of ages are involved. Dancers usually start around 13 years of age and must have instructor's permission. To be able to take this class, one must have three years of ballet and continue to be enrolled in a ballet class.


Age: ~13 and up (With instructor and director permission) | Time: 1 hour

Ballet "en pointe"! A lot has to be taken into consideration to participate in this class and we promise you it is for the safety of your dancer! Foot shape, strength, body placement and alignment are important elements to becoming a successful pointe dancer. Students must have 5 years of ballet and continue to take ballet. All students will be required to receive a note from their doctor to participate in this class. Students who are able to take pointe will be determined by the instructor and director.

Opening Production

Age: ~13 and up (With instructor and director permission) | Time: 1 hour

This is our dance production that opens our recital shows! Students are required to a minimum of 5 years of Tap and Jazz, 3 years of ballet and are still enrolled in these classes and/or have mastered certain skill sets. Students must also be enrolled in a technique class. Students will receive a letter from studio director to be invited to perform in this amazing production.

Senior Solos

Age: Seniors | Time: 1 hour

Only for our senior dancers. Seniors will receive a letter from the studio director with Senior Solo private instruction information!

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